Meet Our Founder

“I guess you could say I just love, love”

I’ve always been infatuated with love stories. As long as I can remember I have hung off of the words of fables and epics alike just to get to the “Happily Ever After” contained in the final pages. When I found jewellery, and it’s connection to the people who seek it, I instantly knew that this was my calling.

In my years of experience with fine jewellery, what kept me coming back were the stories of love, triumph, and celebration. These became a series of real-life fairy tales I collected; each drawing me in more than the last. Whether it was teaching clients about the intricacies of their perfect diamond or spending time redesigning a family treasure, nothing came close to hearing about a perfect proposal or grand gesture made possible by that perfect piece.

I founded Blac Gold Jewellers to ensure when someone is looking for an engagement ring, an anniversary band, a birthday pendant, or a bracelet that just says “I love you”, they find jewellery that captures and represents the importance of the occasion.

I’m excited to meet every new client, a new author, to tell me their story.

Gensen Gisborne